[sane-devel] Patriot 430 auto doc feeder issue

S S sluderisinthehouse at gmail.com
Sat Sep 8 18:13:35 BST 2018


I have a Patriot 430, which has a COMPLETE status in the supported devices
list.  It scans a single page fine but when I attempt multiple pages Simple
Scan and gScanToPDF seem to lock up before finishing the 1st page or fail
to show any scanned image at all.  The scanner will continue to scan 20 or
so pages before it stops as well.  The error I feel my issue is a simple
configuration tweak but have not found the magic combo as of yet.

I can see the device:
scanimage -L - device `avision:libusb:001:003' is a Visioneer Patriot 430
sheetfed scanner

I seem to have the latest SANE drivers.

Lastly, I'm a noob on Linux ( < 1 year) but have 20+ years on Dos, Windows,
etc.  Running Linux Mint 19.

thanks for any suggestions.

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