[sane-devel] HP5590 and scanbd button recognition

Bernard Badeer bb3138 at live.de
Mon Sep 10 20:30:01 BST 2018

Hi Tony:

Support for scanbd with hp5590 is integrated in the current version of sane on Gitlab

Read here the details on how to use it:

You may test the sane-backend driver with scanimage. Run this command to read the last button
    "scanimage -d hp5590:libusb:... -h -A | grep button-pressed"

Don't forget to add -A (--all-options) in order to show the button-pressed state, since this is
an advanced option.

Hint: Do not use the old scanbuttond interface in scanbd. It is outdated and shall not be used
any more. Scanbd's regular interface is fully supported by the current version of the hp5590
driver in sane-backend.

Best regards

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