[sane-devel] "Scanimage" or "Sane" timeouts

Dr Rainer Woitok rainer.woitok at gmail.com
Sun Apr 7 11:01:08 BST 2019


On Saturday, 2019-04-06 15:14:46 +0200, you wrote:

> ...
> I just started wondering if there is a command that is not accepted in
> case of this specific scanner. I have never seen that before, but who
> knows...Will need destailed traces to check that...
> @Rainer, to be sure can you do the following:
> - please describe what happens after a scanimage listing, does it list
> the scanner? Are there timeouts?
> 	- SANE_DEBUG_BJNP=11 scanimage -L 2> list.txt
> - what happens with a scanimage 
> 	- SANE_DEBUG_BJNP=4 scanimage  > out.pnm 2> scan.txt
>          are there timeouts?
> Make for each attempt a wiresharktrace and mail me the list.txt and
> scan.txt files with the wireshark traces?

Will do.  I'll just have to install "wireshark" (no problem, I hope) and
will have to learn at least a bit how to use it (or is there some write-
up somewhere how to exactly achieve what you need?).


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