[sane-devel] Epson V500 Photo iscan doesn't complile anymore

Jeroen Van den Keybus jeroen.vandenkeybus at gmail.com
Wed Aug 7 09:27:24 BST 2019


I am running TW as well and compiled your Epson code (iscan-2.30.3)
successfully. iscan also runs, but it exits due to lack of an Epson scanner.

One issue I had was that the libesmod in non-free is incorrectly a
libesmod-x86_64.c2.so instead of libesmod-x86_64.so, leading to an error in
final linkage. Fixed that with a link command, and re-ran make to

 FYI, these are installed packages related to ltdl:
S  | Name             | Summary                          | Type
i  | libltdl7         | Libtool Runtime Library          | package
i  | libltdl7-32bit   | Libtool Runtime Library          | package
i+ | libtool          | A Tool to Build Shared Libraries | package
   | libtool-32bit    | A Tool to Build Shared Libraries | package
i+ | openSUSE-release | openSUSE Tumbleweed              | package



Op wo 7 aug. 2019 om 01:34 schreef Maik Wagner <
linuxandlanguages at t-online.de>:

> Dear Ralph,
> Am 06.08.19 um 18:10 schrieb Ralph Little:
> > Looks to me like you're in for a world of hurt going down this road. :(
> >
> I did try the manufacturer first but the support person I chatted with
> didn't escalate the issue to a higher level.
> I wish there was a better way to get this issue to Epson to provide new
> updated packages.
> Regards and thanks,
> Maik
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