[sane-devel] The USB URI for a Lexmark CX-417de

Jörn-Ingo Weigert jiweigert at gmail.com
Sat Aug 10 16:23:25 BST 2019

Hi brian, you have to use the Linux scanner drivers provided by Lexmark.
Backdraw of this is that the install script use a library path like
/lib/amd64 instead of the multiarch library path, 2. They still rely on a
ancient usblib version 0.1

And you have to set up their config file to have a working network

4. Don't disable the mDNS service on your Lexmark mfp because their Backend
relies on it to find it.

5. Because of the nature they programmed it and the option to password
secure scanning / printjobs, you have to setup every client with lexmarks
Backend, because the driver look for a specific licenceacknowledged-file in
current users home folder and without it you can't use the advertised
network scanner provided by SANE.

6. If you try to use SANE's advertised scanner it will not work because
Lexmark decided, it's a great idea, to save the scanned image to the temp
folder of the server, instead of redirecting it to the client (where the
request come from) via SANE.

They really f***ed it up.

There were a convo thread by the main developer of lexmarks scan driver and
the devel list in, I think September / October last year... and the advise
from Olaf M. was basically, that the developer may read the packaging and
deploring requirements of Debian packaging and learn how to use SANE in the
right way..

I hope I could point you in the right direction. :)

Ingo Weigert

Brian Potkin <claremont102 at gmail.com> schrieb am Di., 6. Aug. 2019, 21:40:

> I am attempting to help a user with a Lexmark CX-417de.
> Scanimage -L gives
> device `lexmark_nscan:libusb/001/004' is a Lexmark Lexmark CX417de Scanner
> device `lexmark_nscan:libnet/SPECIFY_DEVICE' is a Lexmark Network Scanner
> and
> scanimage -d lexmark_nscan:libusb/001/004 > out.dat
> results in
> scanimage: open of device lexmark_nscan:libusb/001/004 failed:
> Operation not supported
> The only SANE  URIs I have ever seen have : and not /. I s this an issue?
> Regards,
> Brian.
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