[sane-devel] Epson DS1660W

Jeffrey Ratcliffe jffry at posteo.net
Mon Aug 12 16:30:17 BST 2019

Hi Olaf,

Thank you very much for your reply

> I cursorily checked the backend's C++ code.  It uses operator|= to set
> flags in the info variable.  It does not seem to clear the incoming
> value.  Any chance you're seeing bits that the frontend did not bother
> to initialize?

That looks very likely. Thank you very much for the pointer. That means
that I will have to patch the Perl XS code that is the glue to SANE.

Is there any way of testing the imagescan/utsushi code via the Perl XS
frontend without having the appropriate hardware?

i.e. Is it possible to open something like the test backend via utsushi?


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