[sane-devel] Umask and xsane

littlesincanada littlesincanada at yahoo.co.uk
Tue Aug 27 07:08:58 BST 2019

Looking for a bit of advice:

One of the patches for xsane from Debian further restricts the umask 
setting for files created by xsane from the current value of 007 to 077.
Quoting one of the bug reports:

"xsane overwrites the user's umask to 0007, and creates ~/.sane and 
other files with the according 770 permissions on directories and 660 on 
files containing the printer description. This is dangerous in a 
multiuser environment."

I'm not sure why affording group access is really an issue in a 
multiuser environment.
The default behaviour for most users on desktop Linux is to get their 
own group.

There isn't much additional information on the bug report to specify 
what the specific danger is with a umask of 007.
I want to understand the thinking before I accept this patch.

Anyone have any insight here?


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