[sane-devel] Umask and xsane

Richard Ryniker ryniker at alum.mit.edu
Wed Aug 28 15:44:22 BST 2019

Olaf Meeuwissen <paddy-hack at member.fsf.org> wrote on Wed, 28 Aug 2019 20:18:26 +0900:

  Any files created by XSane (or any SANE frontend or backend for
  that matter) on behalf of the user should use the user's primary group,
  IMNSHO, *and* honour the user's umask, no matter how odd.

I agree about umask, but do not think SANE should contravene the system
design and fifty years of history to create output files with unusual and
unexpected characteristics.

Consider a case where scanner acces is not a concern (perhaps a
single-user system) but output files are to be shared, over a network,
with others in an orgganization, some of whom may have their own scanners
and create additional files to be shared.  If your group attribute scheme
prevails, all these scanner users must be instructed that SANE behaves in
an unexpected, non-standard way and they must use special procedures to
"correct" the output file attributes to what they would normally be.

Your proposal may be exactly what many users desire, but it should be
implemented as some option or configuration setting that explicitly tells
SANE to act in this unusual way.

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