[sane-devel] Using "scanimage" under Gentoo

Dr Rainer Woitok rainer.woitok at gmail.com
Wed Dec 4 16:41:29 GMT 2019


On Wednesday, 2019-12-04 21:29:05 +0900, you wrote:

> ...
> In that case, I suggest you upgrade to at least 1.0.28 and possibly even
> to something later on our master branch.

Gentoo currently does not provide  a newer version than 1.0.27-r3.   And
if the information I found at


is correct, neither does Ubuntu.   Anybody knows about a Gentoo equival-
ent to Rolf Bensch's PPA?  Aparently Ubuntu's PPAs translate to Gentoo's
"overlays",  but I have yet  to find a  Gentoo overlay  providing "sane-
backends".  Anybody knows of one?


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