[sane-devel] [janitorial] New backend: escl (seems to also work via USB)

thierry at ordissimo.com thierry at ordissimo.com
Mon Dec 16 14:45:21 GMT 2019

Le 2019-12-16 13:38, Till Kamppeter a écrit :
> On 16/12/2019 06:47, thierry at ordissimo.com wrote:
>> Le 2019-12-15 20:39, Till Kamppeter a écrit :
>> I tried "ippusbxd", I have a mistake. I'll dig into the idea because 
>> it would solve a lot of my scanner problems.
>> /usr/sbin/ippusbxd  -v 0x04a9 -m 0x1827
>> 60002|1541|root at thierry-Lenovo-ideapad-700-15ISK:/home/thierry/arcanist# 
>> <1392766784>Error: Error registering TS3100 series as IPP printer 
>> (_ipp._tcp): -8
>> <1392766784>Error: Error registering web interface of TS3100 series 
>> (_http._tcp): -8
>> Thierry
> For what I have descibed in my mail a DNS-SD registration is not
> required. ippusbxd currently only registers the printing part and the
> web admin interface anyway.
> Do you have Avahi running? Is it patched like described in README.md
> of ippusbxd (for example is it an Ubuntu package)?
> Does ippusbxd continue running after giving these errors? If so,
> simply ignore the errors and go ahead scanning.
It's not working. But with some modifications I think it should work.
I need a "uscanusbxd", the base is there with "ippusbx"
>    Till

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