[sane-devel] New backends eSCL

Rolf Bensch rolf at bensch-online.de
Sat Nov 9 14:31:54 GMT 2019

Hi Thierry,

Maybe it could be an good idea to implement eSCL protocol early to SANE,
e.g. with a merge request. There are several Pixma users who want to use
WiFi or Ethernet.

How stable is the beta version? If you're not sure if the implementation
is too early, you can use an evironment variable to enable eSCL.

Hope this helps.


Am 08.11.19 um 11:17 schrieb thierry at ordissimo.com:
> Hello,
> We present to you the beta version of the sane backend taking on board
> the eSCL protocol.
> the list of potentially scanned scanners is long:
> Canon Pixma TS6260, Canon Pixma TS3150, ....
> Nous l'avons mis dans la GPL3, idéalement, une fois terminé, nous
> aimerions qu'il soit intégré à sane.
> https://gitlab.com/sane-escl/sane-escl
> Thierry (Ordissimo)

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