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thierry at ordissimo.com thierry at ordissimo.com
Sun Nov 10 17:06:49 GMT 2019

How can I add a dependency (libcurl-devel or libcurl4-gnutls-dev) to the 
CI / CD ?

Le 2019-11-10 18:02, thierry at ordissimo.com a écrit :
> Le 2019-11-10 17:54, thierry at ordissimo.com a écrit :
>> Le 2019-11-10 11:26, Olaf Meeuwissen a écrit :
>>> Hi Thierry,
>>> thierry at ordissimo.com writes:
>>>> Le 2019-11-08 11:17, thierry at ordissimo.com a écrit:
>>>>> Hello,
>>>>> We present to you the beta version of the sane backend taking on 
>>>>> board
>>>>> the eSCL protocol.
>>> Cool!
>>> There have been several posts to the list mentioning support for 
>>> eSCL,
>>> IIRC.  Good to see there is continued interest in getting this to 
>>> work.
>>>>> the list of potentially scanned scanners is long:
>>>>> Canon Pixma TS6260, Canon Pixma TS3150, ....
>>>>> Nous l'avons mis dans la GPL3, idéalement, une fois terminé, nous
>>>>> aimerions qu'il soit intégré à sane.
>>>> Sorry :)
>>>> We put it in the GPL3, ideally, once finished, we would like it to 
>>>> be
>>>> integrated with sane.
>>> As a FSF Associate Member, I'm glad to see you put this under the 
>>> GPL3
>>> and hope that actually means GPL version 3, or later :-)
>> The project is under license GPL + 3 and Later.
>>>>> https://gitlab.com/sane-escl/sane-escl
>>> I had a look and noticed in the README that you developed the backend
>>> while working at a company called ORDISSIMO.  In addition, I did not
>>> find any copyright and license assignments in your sources.  This 
>>> made
>>> me wonder a bit about the legal status of the sane-escl project.
>> I worked with a trainee on this project, the result exceeds my 
>> expectations.
>> We hope that "sane" will integrate it.
>> I will add the license entries in each file.
>>> I would suggest you mention the copyright and license in every single
>>> source file.  Something like
>>>   Copyright (C) 2019  <name of copyright holder>
>>>   SPDX-License-Identifier: GPL-3.0-or-later
>>> As for the copyright holder, I am concerned that this may actually be
>>> ORDISSIMO rather than you and that maybe ORDISSIMO does not want this
>>> to be released under that license.  So please carefully clarify this
>>> with ORDISSIMO before pushing any changes.
> It is in the interest of Ordissimo to publish in GPL + 3.
> We use "sane" and take advantage of bug fixes from the community.
> The only one chooses that Ordissimo protects is its graphic theme.
>>> # I sincerely hope ORDISSIMO does want to release it under that 
>>> license,
>>> # though, if they are the copyright holder.
>>> In case you yourself actually are the copyright holder, then, of 
>>> course,
>>> you are free to pick any license you like for *your* code.
>>> # To clarify, the company I work at owns the copyright of any code I
>>> # write at the office as a result of the work contract I have.  Any 
>>> code
>>> # that I write in my own time, indepently of and without reference to
>>> # what I did at the office, is copyright me (or whomever I deem to be
>>> # appropriate).
>>> Now, as for integration with SANE, I'd welcome that.  As 
>>> self-appointed
>>> SANE Project Janitor, I would be able to help out with getting 
>>> sane-escl
>>> under the umbrella of the SANE Project, i.e. become a project in the
>>> GitLab sane-project group.
>>> An alternative would be to add the sane-escl sources to the backends
>>> project but I'm not sure that that is the best way forward as that 
>>> would
>>> tie it to the sane-backend release cycle.  Perhaps frequent releases 
>>> of
>>> sane-escl, especially in the beginning(?), might benefit its exposure
>>> and progress.
>>> In addition, there may be license concerns when adding it to the
>>> backends project as most, but not all, of its code has an exception 
>>> to
>>> the GPL that basically makes most backends LGPL.
>>> Anyway, continue making the sane-escl backend better than it already 
>>> is
>>> (haven't tried it :-P) and please clarify the copyright and license 
>>> of
>>> its code.
>>> Hope this helps,
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