[sane-devel] the pre-c++ genesys.c file has deficiencies

Povilas Kanapickas povilas at radix.lt
Fri Oct 4 23:05:45 BST 2019


On 6/13/19 9:25 PM, r. a. schmied wrote:
> olaf, povilas other interested saners
> i have yet to update to the c++ genesys stuff but working
> with sane-backends-master-e13b80fa i have again found that
> there are still uninitialized elements of the Genesys_Scanner * s object.
> don't know if this is applicable to the c++ update, but it
> really should be applied to the pre-c++ repo.

I've applied the patch in PR !200.

Thank you!


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