gscan2pdf v2.5.6 released

Ulf Zibis Ulf.Zibis at
Wed Sep 11 18:58:32 BST 2019

Hi Jeff,

I have installed it on Ubuntu from PPA.
After Start it says, that package pdftk is missing, but I can not
install it with:
sudo apt install pdftk


Am 11.09.19 um 19:04 schrieb Jeff:
> gscan2pdf - A GUI to produce a multipage PDF or DjVu from a scan.
> Five clicks are required to scan several pages and then save all or
> a selection as a PDF or DjVu file, including metadata if required.
> gscan2pdf can control regular or sheet-fed (ADF) scanners with SANE via
> libimage-sane-perl, scanimage or scanadf, and can scan multiple pages at
> once. It presents a thumbnail view of scanned pages, and permits simple
> operations such as cropping, rotating and deleting pages.
> OCR can be used to recognise text in the scans, and the output
> embedded in the PDF or DjVu.
> PDF conversion is done by PDF::API2.
> The resulting document may be saved as a PDF, DjVu, multipage TIFF file,
> or single page image file.
> Changelog for 2.5.6:
> * Prevent Negate from changing the alpha channel.
>   Thanks to Chris Mayo for the patch. Closes merge request #25
> * Avoid image corruption with colour images when applying WhiteThreshold
>   after BlackThreshold.
>   Thanks to Chris Mayo for the patch. Closes merge request #26
> * Extended edit profile functionality in scan dialog to current scan
>   options, when no profile selected. Closes bug #328 (Blue cast to all
>   colour scans)
> * Don't try to compress log file if it wasn't created.
> * Don't blacklist empty device name
> * Improve layout of multiple message dialog. Closes bug #329 (A scanner
>   error (ADF jammed) caused GScan2PDF to display an insane dialog box)
> * Don't use tiff2pdf to create temporary PDF to check for pdftk.
>   Closes bug #330 (Cannot save, pdftk failure to access /tmp)
> * Fix --import option. Closes Debian bug #934107
>   (Importing with --import=file.pdf does not import anything)
> * Fix updating extended page numbering on scan dialog after changing
>   document
> * Fix printing. Closes bug #331 (print error suse leap 15.1)
> * Set "wait" cursor while scan options are being loaded and "progress"
>   cursor while scanning.
> * Use gtk-3 cursors for ImageView widget
> * Ghost scan button while scan options are being loaded and scanning.
> * Fix bug storing responses from multiple message window when no
>   responses had been stored before.
> * Update to Czech translation (thanks to Pavel Borecki)

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