Missing list subject header

Olaf Meeuwissen paddy-hack at member.fsf.org
Thu Sep 12 05:54:17 BST 2019

Hi Ulf,

Ulf Zibis writes:

> So bad :-(
> I'm subscribed to many lists, which all have such tags in the subject
> line.. So I'm wondering why only [sane-devel] has this problem.

There's a

  X-BeenThere: sane-devel at alioth-lists.debian.net

header that you might be able to use for filtering purposes if that's
what you're looking for.  Depending on your mail receiving setup you
could even insert [sane-devel] in the header on your end based on that
if you're looking for a visual clue.

# My mail reader, mu4e, inserts a
#   List: sane-devel.alioth-lists.debian.net
# header somehow :-)  I don't remember the details but I think it uses
# one (or several?) of the List-* headers to do so.

Hope that helps,
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