[sane-devel] Canon Lide 220 not working over 1200dpi

mfoolb bloofm mfoolb at gmail.com
Sat Sep 14 12:01:19 BST 2019


I've just bought a Canon Lide 220 scanner but I can't make it work at 2400
or 4800 dpi.
The scanner is supported 100% from 75 to 4800 dpi as of
I'm using Ubuntu 19.04 and sane 1.0.27.
Tried using simple-scan and genesys library on Gimp (2.10.8), if resolution
is 2400 simple-scan freezes same thing on GIMP from 1200dpi and up.
I need 2400 or 4800 dpi scan of little areas (2cmx2cm) of documents.
Can anyone help me?

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