[sane-devel] XSane GIMP support

Ralph Little skelband at gmail.com
Sat Sep 21 18:33:06 BST 2019

Has anyone a view on support for "older" GIMPs?

I currently use GIMP 2.10 which has the new CEGL conversions added.
Many of the compiler warnings I am having to deal with relate to 
deprecated pre-CEGL GIMP plugin functionality.

My feeling is that a V1.0.0 XSane should support fairly recent versions 
of things.
My thoughts are that people using GIMP tend to keep up-to-date but I 
know that some, perhaps more casual users are on older release tracks in 
Debian etc and I don't want to break their use cases.

One possibility might be to try to support the newer AND older versions 
with configured version detection. The GIMP plugin stuff is fairly isolated.
Conversion to CEGL involves a fair amount of work to use the new 
CEGL-related function set. It looks a lot different.
I could do that, but perhaps it is not worthwhile?

Any thoughts?


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