[sane-devel] Sane backend for an intraoral X ray camera

Mayuresh mayuresh at acm.org
Sun Dec 13 13:53:46 GMT 2020

I am trying to get sane work with a digital X ray device used for
dentistry described here [1] on Linux (Ubuntu 20.04) or on NetBSD 9.1.

The device works only on Windows with proprietary software bundled with
the driver provided by the manufacturer. However [1] says "Allows for
direct acquisition with TWAIN compliant third party imaging software"
which gives a hope that it might work with sane on Linux / NetBSD.

The device is detected by sane-find-scanner as:
 found USB scanner (vendor=0x082b, product=0x000c) at libusb:001:009

I believe, TWAIN device requires pint backend 

In dll.conf I have mentioned pint and in pint.conf mentioned the device as
/dev/ugen0.0 on NetBSD (that's how it is detected), but scanimage -L
doesn't detect it. Or trying to use scanimage -d pint:/dev/ugen0.0 doesn't

On Ubuntu sane backends do not include pint and I might have to build from
sources. But before that thought of asking whether it has a chance of
working. Also, on Linux systems what path should be mentioned in pint.conf
- is it something like /dev/bus/usb/001/009 etc or something else?


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