[sane-devel] Canon TR4529 (PIXMA TR4500 Series)

Alexander Pevzner pzz at apevzner.com
Fri Feb 21 22:57:28 GMT 2020

On 2/22/20 1:43 AM, Jean-Marc Spaggiari wrote:
> @Alexander: I got the airScan work and I was able to use the automatic 
> source for the paper. Nice. But I don't have a 1200dpi option. At the 
> end it said paper was jammed, which was not the case.
May I ask you to gather a protocol trace? This is simple, details are 
explained in the README file under "reporting bugs" section?

It will create two files: .log and .tar. Currently I'm only interested 
in the .log file. You don't need to bother with creating Github issue, I 
will be quite happy if you'll send me this file by e-mail.


	Wishes, Alexander Pevzner (pzz at apevzner.com)

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