[sane-devel] Canon TR4529 (PIXMA TR4500 Series)

Rolf Bensch rolf at bensch-online.de
Tue Feb 25 19:49:03 GMT 2020

Hi Jean-Marc,

Am 23.02.20 um 21:45 schrieb Jean-Marc Spaggiari:
> Hi Rolf,
> Thanks for the guidance. Build time is not an issue. So I built with all
> the backends. I applied your patch, but just to be 100% sure, it removes
> 1200 and replaces it by 600?
> I don't have any preference for any tool. xsane vs scanimage vs any
> other. I just need one that works ;) I used scanimage because it was in
> the frontend folder I just built and I was able to validate the version.
> The following command worked very well:
> scanimage --resolution 300 --format=jpeg > image.jpg
> However trying to scan with 1200 fails:
> jmspaggiari at t460s:~/backends$ ./frontend/scanimage --resolution 1200
> --format=jpeg > image.jpg
> scanimage: rounded value of resolution from 1200 to 600
> And the output image is 600dpi.

Yes, this is correct. Pixma backend supports only symmetric scan
resolutions, so the highest available is 600dpi for your scanner.

> When trying gscan2pdf, even if the printer is connected on the USB port,
> it shows me 2 scans with IP address, so I'm not sure it's taking the one
> on the USB port. Also, how can I make sure gscan2pdf is using the sane
> version I just build and deployed and not the one in the system? :-/

Please have a look at INSTALL.linux, "2.3.1. SANE library". Maybe you're
using SANE installed from your distro's repository. After this gscan2pdf
should also see the usb scanner.

> Thanks,

You're welcome.


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