[sane-devel] High DPi Scan using Ubuntu 18.04.3

Sotirios Giavis info at g-technologies.de
Wed Jan 1 19:13:17 GMT 2020

Dear Madame, Dear Sirs,

I want to scan an area of 50 x 50 mm at 4800 dpi in full-colour 16 bits.
This should be possible with Canon Lide 210 but my system won't.

I use an Ubuntu 18.04.3 x64 LTS.
4 GB RAM, Intel Core2Duo E4400 using xSane 0.999 (USB) because this is 
the highest version which is delivered to this system (actually 
downloaded an installed). The system (OS) works fine and stable - no 

Alternatively I used a test-version of vue-scan-software.

Using VueScan on this system I can produce images (*.TIFF) of 161,7 MB - 
5184 x 5197 pixel at 2400 dpi. 4800 dpi is not offered by the programm.

Using xsane 0.999 I can only produce images at 1200 dpi (16,3MB filesize).
Using higher dpi values xsane freezes and I must force the ending of the 
programm. Even if I switch to grayscale 2400 dpi it freezes.
You only hear a short sound that the scanner makes a single step and 
this it was. When I open the plate the scanner is dark.

After restarting xSane it works - but more then 1200 dpi are impossible 
or 2400 dpi using vuescan.

The value of coins depends on their appearance. You try to get an image 
of the coin with highest possible resolution.

I'm not experienced enough to understand how to update xsane to a higher 
version (I found informations about github and snap mentioned but I'm 
not sure being able to use it in an appropriate way). And I'm not sure 
if the higher version will work on 18.04.3. But I'm confident that xsane 
is the problem.

Perhaps someone has a solution?

Kind regards


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