[sane-devel] Canoscan 3000F backend dev started

Ralph Little skelband at gmail.com
Mon Jan 20 03:55:52 GMT 2020

>> Does this look familiar to anyone?

Further to the previous findings, I can poll the scanner for button 
presses using:

IN bRequest=12 wValue=0x8e wIndex=32 wLength=1 (response = 0x01)
OUT bRequest=12 wValue=0x83 wIndex=0 wLength=1 (out_data = 0x8b)

IN bRequest=12 wValue=0x8e wIndex=32 wLength=1 (response = 0x01)
IN bRequest=12 wValue=0x84 wIndex=32 wLength=1 (response = BUTTON)

where BUTTON is one of:

0x5f = idle
0x5b = SCAN button
0x5d = COPY button
0x5e = EMAIL button

I had thought that the 0x8e exchange was some kind of response, because 
it appears interleaved with the other elements, but on closer 
inspection, this always comes first. (?)

Again, is this recognizable to anyone?


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