[sane-devel] [janitorial] Code Freeze for 1.0.29 heads up

Olaf Meeuwissen paddy-hack at member.fsf.org
Tue Jan 28 11:05:19 GMT 2020

Hi Allan,

m. allan noah writes:

> Hmm, this is a fresh install of Fedora 31. I am no longer able to
> reproduce the issue, but have done OS updates in the meantime.

If you were updating while running ./configure that might explain the
"fluke" you reported.  Still very unlikely though that you hit a window
of timing wherer tiffio.h is installed but libtiff.so not yet.

> I'll note that the debian build you linked to does not even have
> libusb installed (along with tiff/jpeg, etc), so I wonder how much
> code is not being built in that case?

Well, according to the logs, still some 77 backends compile and link
fine, but I'm not familiar enough with all of them to be able to tell
how useful they are.  But that wasn't your original point.

BTW, in the absence of libusb on Linux the backend will spew debug
messages telling you it was built without libusb support.  On other
platforms (BSDs, BeOS, OS/2, etc.) things may differ.  Consult the
sanei/sanei_usb.c file for the (very) gory details :-)

Back to the hp3900 backend, I looked at the source from a TIFF related
build failure point of view and concluded that TIFF is optional as far
as that backend is concerned.  It is only used by dbg_tiff_save(), for
what looks like debugging of calibration, and then only if tiffio.h was
found at ./configure time.  If not found, dbg_tiff_save() is a noop but
the function itself is used unconditionally in the backend's code.

In my previous reply I said:

>> While I agree that applying this patch is a probably a good idea, there
>> is something inconsistent in the checking that I'd like to fix as well.

I have now realized that applying the patch is not warranted.  All other
things equal, the hp3900 backend ought to work just fine in the absence
of libtiff

# `git grep -i tiff -- backend/hp3900*` is your friend :-)

Hope this helps
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