[sane-devel] Another merge request suggested for xSane: 'move selection' and 'move screen' drag modes

Maxim Ushakov head at maxamuxa.com
Mon Jun 8 23:34:27 BST 2020

Hi all, hi Ralph!

There is an other suggested pack of changes for xSane and its Preview 

 1. Add 'Create selection for full-frame of 135 format film' button.
 2. Remove 'Undo Zoom' button, it is useless.
 3. Redesign 'Drag modes':
     1. Left button outside the selection: create a new selection.
     2. Left button on a border of selection: modify this selection.
     3. Left button inside the selection: move the selection.
     4. Middle button anywhere in the screen: move the screen (for
        Zoomed mode only).

It is designated for simplifying the process of scanning camera rolls 
and slides.The user can Zoom In as they like to, create a selection box 
with an exact size of frame (135 format, full size or half size), then 
move this box across the frames, scan frames, move the screen, etc.

Patterns for mouse buttons are similar to Gimp. There is no general 
patterns amid image editors and CAD systems, so Gimp is an option.

The code of xsane-preview.h/cpp was rewritten and simplified first to 
make new patterns and modes with their cursors easy to add.

The cloned repo: https://gitlab.com/umaxik/xsane
Merge request: 

Best regards,

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