[sane-devel] how to configure/scan with an Epson Xp-4100 printer/scanner

Thierry HUCHARD thierry at ordissimo.com
Thu Nov 5 08:12:43 GMT 2020

Le 2020-11-05 08:49, Marco Fioretti a écrit :
> On Thu, Nov 5, 2020 at 08:41, Thierry HUCHARD <thierry at ordissimo.com>
> wrote:
>> Hi Marco,
>> ipp-usb works better than ippusbxd.
>> sane-airscan and sane-escl are two free alternatives.
> but are these three or four alternatives mutually exclusive? Should I
> uninstall one before installing another, if the first does not work?
> That was the sense of my question (I assume that ippusbxd,
> sane-airscan and sane-escl are included in the packages that Thierry
> said to install, or not?)
> Marco
>> imagescan is the official epson driver for your device.
>> To my knowledge all 3 work.
The 3 alternatives can work in parallel, it is not excluded!
If you use your device in usb with imagescan you don't need ippusbxd or 
It is possible that your device is not visible by imagescan because of 
The commands I gave you only provide sane-escl which is integrated with 
Alexander provided you with the links to install ipp-usb and 
>> Thierry
>>> Marco

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