[sane-devel] Fwd: SANE project used for possible election fraud

Tyler Sharpe tylergs776 at gmail.com
Tue Nov 17 21:11:54 GMT 2020

Hi list,

I'm the guy that sent the original email and I understand the skepticism.
I'm assuming Smartmatic is a very corrupt company because of the emails
wikileaks published and the evidence they rigged the election in Venezuela.
I know it might be a conspiracy but the DR-X10C is the main ballot scanner
used by dominion to count votes. Smartmatic uses it's own hardware from
what I can see and they've said they've never provided technology to
dominion which is being investigated. Yesterday there were 2 incidents
where recounts were shown to have big errors and both counties using
dominion and the  DR-X10C. I understand if it were fraudulent code it most
likely wouldn't be in a public branch. I also understand you probably don't
like me posting here but I just wanted to add a little more info and let
SANE developers know if they have worked with smartmatic developers in the
past and noticed anything suspicious there's over 1 million in rewards for
evidence of voter fraud.

source on clark county and floyd county recount errors:
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