[sane-devel] Is any developer interested in getting a canon dr-2020u scanner?

colibri colibri at mailbox.org
Sat Oct 3 07:33:34 BST 2020


thank you for your offer, but in fact I was contacted by Povilas 
already. He didn't send me his address yet.

I am not sure if I messed up my reply or him just being busy.

So I probably should wait a little bit longer but if he is not 
interested anymore I am going to send it to you.

Best regards,

> Hi,
>> I am from Germany/Munich so I am preferably looking for some one from
>> Germany (would send it for free) or maybe otherwise from Europe (depends on
>> shipping costs/probably also for free).
>> Is anyone interested?
> Well, since nobody else replied so far, I would have a try.
> I can check if the scanner uses some already implementend backend and
> can adapt the backend if needed. SANE wiki mentions GL84x. I don't have
> the bandwidth to create a new backend from scratch, though.
> I live in Germany, so that would fit. If I can't get anywhere, I will
> send the scanner to other interested developers, of course.
> So, if you think that fits, just contact me.
> Thanks and happy hacking,
>     Wolfram

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