[sane-devel] SAMSUNG SCX-4100

Ralph Little skelband at gmail.com
Mon Oct 26 02:23:36 GMT 2020


On 2020-10-25 3:16 a.m., Alexander Pevzner wrote:
> Hi,
> Strange that it have only a singe, printer bidirectional interface
> (class 7, proto 2).
> There are should be not so much devices, that have similar USB
> configuration. Some of their drivers may work.
> On 10/25/20 3:36 AM, Ralph Little wrote:
>> Hi,
>> On 2020-10-24 4:04 p.m., Alexander Pevzner wrote:
>>> On 10/25/20 12:52 AM, Ralph Little wrote:
>>>> For a bit of fun (and a change of pace) I managed to check out a
>>>> Samsung
>>>> SCX-4100 multifunction laser.
>>> What is the output of lsusb -v?
>> Basically printer output really.
>> Kinda looks like the scanner is acting through the printer interface.
>> I will try with the Windows software to make sure that it does work from
>> that side.
>> There is a TWAIN driver and a Windows-based software suite according to
>> the user manual.
Well I have tried the Windows XP and 7 drivers and applications and
although they can find the printer, they cannot find any scanning device.
So just the same as the Linux situation which doesn't surprise me that much.

I just wondered if it was doing scanning by some surreptitious means
through the printer interface or by uploading some firmware.
It will actually do an internal copy so the scanner actually does work.

There isn't much of an interface to explore resetting. I cannot find any
firmware for the machine although I can get the firmware downloading
utility. I have a suspicion that the issue is with the device itself.

Bit of a mystery really.


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