[sane-devel] SANE Backends 1.0.31 released

Olaf Meeuwissen paddy-hack at member.fsf.org
Wed Sep 2 13:47:36 BST 2020

Hi all,

Olaf Meeuwissen writes:

> Hi Ralph,
> Ralph Little writes:
>> Hi,
>> Congratulations to all concerned!
>> That's a big list of stuff done.
> Yup, and in order to summarize it all in our NEWS file I had to slug
> through close to 1,000 commit messages trying to find the user facing
> bits :tired:


> Hope I didn't do too bad of a job :-)
> For the next release I'm thinking of enlisting the help of all them
> committers (and those merging the merge requests).  But before getting
> started on that, I want to merge release/1.0.31 into master and update
> the website.

OK, so I merged release/1.0.31 to master on 2020-08-24, a day after the
release, but I've been slacking on updating the website.  I just got
around to pushing the changes about 20 minutes ago and just now saw that
the CI job that refreshes the site finished successfully.

If anything is wrong with the website, please submit an issue at


after you checked it hasn't been mentioned already :-)

Hope this helps,
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