[sane-devel] sane 1.0.31 backend version not supported lineart. Why?...

Wolfram Sang wsa at kernel.org
Thu Sep 24 10:45:41 BST 2020

> > Why is the lineart option not supported in the sane 1.0.31 backend version?
> Probably because of commit a12083c8c44b7296fa98ecb83e8932d0f6bdeb05.
>   https://gitlab.com/sane-project/backends/-/commit/a12083c8c44b7296fa98ecb83e8932d0f6bdeb05
> @povilas> The commit message doesn't really explain why though ...

!458 explains some more: "The LINEART support within the backend is
implemented as a pure software filter. I think this should live in a
higher level and be reusable by all backends instead of being duplicated
within each backend."

I am not sure, though, if higher level means GIMP et al. here?

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