[sane-devel] Q: improving epson2 for Epson 12000XL

Wolfram Sang wsa at kernel.org
Sun Sep 27 11:46:53 BST 2020

Hi Olaf,

> Sorry for not chiming in earlier.

No worries, I'm happy you gave me additional pointers.

> I have been involved with development of the third-party epkowa and
> utsushi backends for many years.  A lot of the protocol is documented in
> the code for the utsushi backend via doxygen source comments.  See
>   https://gitlab.com/utsushi/utsushi/-/tree/master/drivers/esci

Ok, more documentation sounds nice. I still have questions about the
gamma tables. I will check.

One thing I could not find out yet: are there any advantages for me when
I use epkowa? I think epson2 does a nice job and it can easily be extended?

> # I guess I could add a job to publish the documentation in a more
> # accessible format via GitLab Pages.  Please submit an issue if you
> # would like that.

Well, if it is just for me, I like to read code, so not really needed.
But for others, it might be helpful. Then again, you probably are not
short of tasks.

> There are two documented values: 0xff for autofocus and 0x40 for setting
> it to the glass plate.  Other values appear to be allowed.

And they make sense. Using the extreme values I get blurred images.

> > The only question left for me now: Should focus/autofocus settings
> > really have CAP_ADVANCED?
> That's debatable indeed but I'd say CAP_ADVANCED is appropriate for most
> users.

Ok, then, I'll keep it!



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