[sane-devel] Fwd: Brother MFC-J485DW "Scanadf -L and Scanadf -V output":

Paul Graff pj.world at gmx.com
Thu Apr 8 23:19:56 BST 2021

I apologize, I forgot to direct this message to the list.

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Subject: 	Re: [sane-devel] Brother MFC-J485DW "Scanadf -L and Scanadf -V
Date: 	Thu, 8 Apr 2021 17:13:50 -0500
From: 	Paul Graff <pj.world at gmx.com>
To: 	Ralph Little <skelband at gmail.com>

Excellent. I should have realized that I would be able to disable the
genesys backend initially and given that a try. Obviously I should have
realized that even after reviewing the
https://gitlab.com/sane-project/frontends/-/issues/22 and

I commented out the genesys backend.

  $ scanadf -L
device `brother4:net1;dev0' is a Brother MFC-J485DW MFC-J485DW
device `airscan:e0:Brother MFC-J485DW' is a eSCL Brother MFC-J485DW

  $ scanadf -V
scanadf (sane-frontends) 1.0.14

1. Would this issue have caused the adf to completely fail to be
functional through SANE?

I would like to start a new thread concerning the adf on my Brother
MFC-J485DW (Xsane is only displaying a preview for 1 of the 3 pages I am
trying to scan with the adf feature).

Thank you for the excellent help. I would like to let you know for some
time I was using an Outlook email account and I could never receive
messages from the sane-devel list and I did not know why since the
Outlook email client confirmed the emails had been sent.

On 4/8/21 4:12 PM, Ralph Little wrote:
> Hi,
> What you could do in this case as an alternative, is just edit
> /etc/sane.d/dll.conf and comment out the genesys backend as that is
> where the issue seems to be coming from (if you do not have a genesys
> device of course).
> In that case, you need not use sane-git at all.
> On 2021-04-08 2:00 p.m., Paul Graff wrote:
>> Thank you for your response. Before I do install the sane-git ppa I
>> would like to inform you that I do currently have the sane-release
>> ppa installed. I have enclosed a screenshot of update manager
>> displaying this information as well as the underlying packages from
>> sane-release that are currently installed. -> Software Sources ->
>> sane-project/sane-release -> open ->
>> libsane1,libsane,libsane-common,sane-utils are all 'ticked'. I have
>> verified they are installed .........
>> 1. If I enable the sane-git ppa I could possibly have conflicts
>> between it and sane-release ppa. I have experienced this before
>> actually and received some great help with the issue.
> Yes, definitely don't have both sane-releases and sane-ppa enabled at
> the same time.
> I would think you could probably enable sane-git and disable
> sane-releases, update and upgrade and it should be fine.
> If there are issues, then just remove all the SANE packages from
> sane-releases and then reinstall them back again.
> There is always risk in tracking sane-git as it is not guaranteed to
> be stable.
>> 2. Can I ask what the safest way to proceed by doing this would be?
>> Possibly I can simply untick sane-project/sane-release in software
>> sources and add the following through the terminal by following the
>> steps below?:
>>     Adding this PPA to your system
>> You can update your system with unsupported packages from this
>> untrusted PPA by adding *ppa:sane-project/sane-git* to your system's
>> Software Sources. (Read about installing
>> <https://launchpad.net/+help-soyuz/ppa-sources-list.html>)
>> sudo add-apt-repository ppa:sane-project/sane-git
>> sudo apt-get update
> Yes, I would disable the sane-releases PPA in Software Sources, update
> (which I think it will ask you to do anyway), then add the sane-git
> PPA, update (again I think you get this for free), then upgrade and
> you should get the new sane-git binaries.
> But note the previous alternative suggestion if that would work for you.
> Cheers,
> Ralph
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