[sane-devel] [EXTERNAL] Re: Confrmation about license and distribution

Nakamura Iwao Nakamura.Iwao at exc.epson.co.jp
Tue Apr 27 10:35:50 BST 2021

Dear Ralph-san and Wolfram-san,

Thank you for your feedback.
We have applied many pieces of changes for one improvement and we have much difficulties to separate them to smaller patches 
which are free from dependencies among each patches.
Then, instead of dividing to smaller patches, we would like to apply the followings for your easy to review.
	- Remove commented-out code
	- Add more comments for your review one by one for each changes 
If you agree the above our approach, we will apply the above changes and release again after waiting for other feedback and fixing 
the known issue (that is explained in the Release Note) around May 24th.

Best regards,
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Subject: [EXTERNAL] Re: [sane-devel] Confrmation about license and distribution

Hello everyone,

> > =>	We have prepared the patch for "epsonds" and "epson2" to support current scanners and several MFPs as the attached file.
> > 	About details, you can find "Release Note for Epson SANE driver update patch" included in the package.
> > 	Could you please verify the patch and investigate to apply to SANE Project?

Thank you very much for your work at Epson so far!

> We have a new maintainer, Wolfram Sang for the epson2 backend and I 
> believe that M. Allan Noah has been working on the epsonds backend.
> Perhaps they might be happy to look over this fairly substantial patch!

Yes, thus I will only comment on the epson2 changes which are definately the smaller piece of changes.

> I'm sure that we would normally hope to get smaller, more focused 
> changes but it is what it is!

Yes, this would be much appreciated. At least a split between epson2 and epsonds. From what I see so far, for epson2, this could be further divided in patches like:

- renew ADF handling
- add AVAHI option
- add the profile maps

Such smaller patches would be much easier to review. I just wonder if people at Epson will have time and resources for that? The epsonds part has also more possibilities to split the big patch into smaller ones.

One easy thing to make the patch smaller: I think most of the debug output was useful during development but may simply be dropped when releasing the code.

Personal note: I don't have an network based epson scanner and zero experience with AVAHI etc. If someone here has experience with that, I'd be very thankful for support in that area.

All the best and happy hacking everyone,


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