[sane-devel] I need an advise regarding option name

Thierry Huchard thierry at ordissimo.com
Wed Apr 28 19:21:37 BST 2021

Hi Alexender,
You have looked at the imagescan and epsonscan2 backends.
In the json files that describe the properties of the models.


Le 28 avril 2021 19:41:19 GMT+02:00, Alexander Pevzner <pzz at apevzner.com> a écrit :
>eSCL for some devices provides an "ADF Justification" read-only 
>parameter, which can be Left/Center/Right for the width and 
>Top/Center/Bottom for the height, and one of my users asked me to expose 
>this parameter as a read-only option.
>To be consistent with another backends, that may provide a similar 
>functionality, I need an advice how to name this option.
>I was not able to find anything similar in another backends. Please, help.
>	Wishes, Alexander Pevzner (pzz at apevzner.com)

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