[sane-devel] Confrmation about license and distribution

Nakamura Iwao Nakamura.Iwao at exc.epson.co.jp
Fri Feb 5 00:12:25 GMT 2021

Hello All,

We want to modify backend for Epson (epsonds / epson2) and provide it to the customer from our Web site,
because recent selling scanner models support and some feature correction are required to that customer.
In such case, the following understanding about license and distribution is correct?

+ In our understanding, the license of Epson backend (epsonds / epson2) is GPL v2. Then, we would like to include the following
license file to the package.
Is our understanding correct?

+ When distributing to that customer, we want to distribute it with the Git patch style (i.e. only modified code, not whole package) as below:
  <Distribution Package>
           Source Code    only modified portion with Git patch style
        License file      https://gitlab.com/sane-project/backends/-/blob/master/COPYING
Is there any problems with the above packaging?

Please advise to the above.

In this case, this modification and distribution is only for the specific Epson scanner models and environment.
Then, we would like to investigate about how feedback this modification to SANE Project in the near future.


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