[sane-devel] Code Freeze for 1.0.32 (was Re: Feature Freeze for 1.0.32)

Olaf Meeuwissen paddy-hack at member.fsf.org
Sun Feb 7 12:57:27 GMT 2021

Hi list,

Code Freeze for 1.0.32 is here.

>From here on, only documentation fixes and hardware destroying bug fixes
are food for the release/1.0.32 branch.

Speaking of hardware destroying bugs, we've just gotten a slightly
alarming issue[1] for the CanoScan 4400F overheating and possibly
"frying" a chip, or two, when scanning transparencies.

 [1]: https://gitlab.com/sane-project/backends/-/issues/436

If need be, we'll disable support for this scanner completely (or just
the scanning of transparencies) to prevent further harm for folks using

On the bright side, I think I've whittled down the list of outstanding
issues assigned to me to documentation issues.  Yay!

Translators!  As there won't be any further code changes, now is a good
time to update the po/*.po for your language and submit a merge request.
I don't think much has changed since 1.0.31 but quite a few languages
haven't seen updates for a while ...

Let's deliver a nice Valentine's Day present for our users.

# BTW, Valentine's Day is also [I ♥ Free Software Day][2].  And if you
# really care, consider donating or becoming a member of a free software
# organization you like.  See my sig for one option, the FSF, and the
# FSF Europe from the link is of course also a good option.  Thinking of
# becoming a member of the latter myself, in addition to the FSF :-o

 [2]: https://fsfe.org/activities/ilovefs/

Hope this helps,
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