[sane-devel] SANE Backends 1.0.32 released!

Olaf Meeuwissen paddy-hack at member.fsf.org
Sun Feb 14 12:20:12 GMT 2021

Hi all,

Roughly six months after sane-backends-1.0.31, I'm happy to announce
that sane-backends-1.0.32 has been released.  You can find the latest
source tarballs and checksums on the [releases page][1] in the Other
section of the Assets.

 [1]: https://gitlab.com/sane-project/backends/-/releases

The page also mentions several "Source code" links in the Assets from
which you can download the git repository corresponding to the release.
Please note that these archives do *not* include generated files such as
the configure script, Makefile.in files and more.

A nicely formatted version of the release notes can be found at the same
location but, for your convenience, the "raw" Markdown has been included

### Backends

- all backends now respect the `local_only` parameter when `true` is
  passed to `sane_get_devices()` in that they do not actively go out
  looking for networked devices (!502)
- `artec_eplus48u`: fixes configuration for AstraSlim SE (!545)
- `avision`: adds the AV186+ and AV188 as supported (!532)
- `avision`: fixes doubled height issue (#402)
- `avision`: fixes a debug message and compiler warning (!515)
- `canon_dr`: adds support for the DR-C120 and DR-C130 (#175)
- `canon_dr`: adds support for uploading of fine calibration uploads
- `canon_dr`: enables fine calibration for the P-208
- `canon_dr`: improves DR-C225 support (#431)
- `canon_lide70`: adds support for document scanning on the Canon LiDE
  600(F), thanks to a hardware donation by Georg Sauthoff
- `dll`: fixes a memory leak (!537)
- `epson2`: adds support for the ET-2600 (#395)
- `epson2`: adds autofocus support for devices that support it (!531)
- `epson2`: fixes brightness support for DS-G20000/12000XL (!529)
- `epson2`: fixes an unchecked return value issue (!526)
- `escl`: adds support for brightness, threshold, sharpen and contrast
  options (!527, !528)
- `escl`: adds support for LaserJet FLowMFP M578 and MFP M630 (#424)
- `escl`: adds support for DeskJet 2710, 2723 (!519) and 3760 (!554)
- `escl`: adds support for the PIXMA TS-5351 (!544) and MG5765 (!517)
- `escl`: adds support for the Brother HL-L258DW (!517)
- `escl`: fixes Avahi device discovery (!536)
- `escl`: fixes crashes for devices without a flatbed (!554)
- `escl`: fixes segfaults in option handling (!557)
- `escl`: fixes sleep mode (!577)
- `escl`: fixes builds without libpoppler-glib-dev (#422)
- `escl`: fixes a memory issue in its capability handling (#425)
- `fujitsu`: fixes brightness/contrast for the iX500
- `fujitsu`: fixes memory corruption for duplex scans
- `genesys`: disables support for CanoScan 4400F to prevent possible
  physical damage (#436)
- `gt68xx`: fixes scan cancellation logic (#356)
- `pixma`: adds untested support for models released in 2020 (!553)
- `pixma`: adds support for ADF scans on the i-SENSYS MF260
- `pixma`: adds support for PIXMA M340 buttons and ADF status (!513)
- `pixma`: adds an option to control when to calibrate (#321)
- `pixma`: fixes support for the MX492 (!548)
- `pixma`: fixes ADF support for the MX490 Series
- `pixma`: fixes max resolution for ADF scans on the PIXMA M320 (#364)
- `pixma`: fixes compile errors when libxml2 is not available (#345)
- `plustek`: fixes CanoScanN650u discovery (#137)
- `test`: fixes several memory leaks (!537)

### Frontends

- `saned`: add support for listening on a custom or ephemeral port via
  a new `-p`/`--port` option (!549)
- `scanimage`: fixes crashes for multi-pass and handheld scans (#408)
- `scanimage`: fixes a memory leak (!551)
- `scanimage`: fixes option handling for non-compliant backends (#362)

### Documentation

- updates our copy of the GPL with the FSF's current postal address.
  This changes references to the Library GPL (LGPL-2.0) into refs to
  the Lesser GPL (LGPL-2.1) but does *not* affect the licensing of our
  backends (#320).
- source code now points to the Free Software Foundation's website for
  copies of the GPL and LGPL (#320)
- updates translations for British English and Ukrainian
- adds a pointer to our Ubuntu PPA for pre-built binaries
- adds SCSI IDs for the EPSON Perfection 1640SU (!509)
- fixes a boat-load of spelling mistakes (!516, thanks @marschap)
- updates description files for `scangearmp2` and `utsushi` external

### Build

- removes support for `automake` maintainer mode (!522)
- removes `sane` subdirectory from the lock directory to fix issues
  when the lock directory is on `tmpfs` (#363)
- adds support for builds using GitLab "source" tarballs (#248)
- fixes static link scenarios (#124)
- fixes `python` invocations to use the detected program (!525)
- disables `genesys` testsuite when that backend is not built (#354)
- suppresses warnings about obsolete autoconf macros (#122)
- fixes availability of sane-backends.pot file inputs (#344)
- fixes `configure.ac` for use with `autoconf-2.70` (#409)
- removes CVS keywords from the source to ease use by downstreams that
  still use CVS (!547)

### Miscellaneous

- `udev` rules now trigger on all events other than `remove` (!541).
  This aims to address a kernel API change introduced in 4.14.  The
  new behaviour may slow down `udev`'s processing of kernel events
  when still using our plain `udev` or `udev+acl` rules, even though
  these have been optimized slightly (#341).  If that bothers you, now
  is a good time to switch to our `udev+hwdb` rules in combination
  with the `hwdb` database if you have not done so already.

In case you encounter any issues with this release, please contact the
[sane-devel mailing list][2] or [submit an issue][3].

 [2]: mailto:sane-devel at alioth-lists.debian.net
 [3]: https://gitlab.com/sane-project/backends/issues

Hope this helps,
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