[sane-devel] Extract code for a particular scanner

risingpower at gmx.de risingpower at gmx.de
Tue Feb 23 08:51:22 GMT 2021


I'm trying to access my scanner (Canon LiDE 20) through USB commands with the
most simple program possible. I just do this for fun.

I recorded the USB messages from SANE with Wireshark and converted it to a
Python program with usbrply. So far I can move the scanner head up and down.
Unfortunately the code sends lots of binary data, which I don't understand.
And I also need to convert the received data into an image.

I tried to dig into the SANE sources, but I don't really see anything which
corresponds to the binary data from the Python source.

Is it possible to extract the relevant portions from the SANE sources, maybe by
enabling logging? I tried SANE_DEBUG_PLUSTEK, but this is too informal.

Or is there a specification document available?
Looks like the C code is the spec.

Note: It's OK if it's not Python code: C or pseudo code would work for me, too.

Any comments appreciated,

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