[sane-devel] New "SANE" driver, or sort of "Middleware"?

Mark Dm markosjal at gmail.com
Thu Feb 3 19:23:05 GMT 2022

Ok I have spent a few years making various versions of GUIs and tools for
s400w based scanners which include Century CPS-A4WF, Halo Magic Scanner,
ION AirCopy, ION AirCopy E-Post Edition, iScan Fly, Kaiser Baas WiFi Photo
& Document Scanner, Mustek iScan Air / S400W, Transcription Patri Kun A4
Wi-Fi Portable Scanner. Heretofore referred to collectively as s4000w.
Most of my work has been based around the command line driver for these
same units by Bastel

More recently I have worked on Twain2AirScan to allow a Windows Twain or
WIA Scanner to be shared over the eSCL protocol.

Recently it came to mind to simplify one particular version of something I
had previously written. As the Bastel command line driver I use in other
projects handles communication to/from s400w scanner, and I had already
created an eSCL (AirScan) interface  in PHP the new product is NOT a GUI it
is only an eSCL to Bastel s400 bridge. It receives and sends eSCL commands
on one side and on the other side sends and receives commands to/from the
s400w by way of the Bastel driver.

End result? The end result is with the SANE-Airscan backend (not to be
confused with the eSCL Back-end)  these s400w scanners now become
compatible  with not only SANE , but the same code runs on Mac OSX_64 (with
included Mac X86-64 Binary ) for native Mac scanning.

There are Linux Binaries for x86_32, x86_64, Arm32(Pi 2 & 3). Sorry I have
no M1 machine to make an M1 binary and cross-compiling seems daunting.

This will be added to my http://ScannerShare.com page with Twain2AirScan
that allows sharing a Windows TWAIN or WIA Scanner to eSCL/AirScan clients
like Mac or Linux, Android, or Linux (using SANE-AirScan)  at
http://scannershare.com. For now however there is no direct link for the
new  s400w product but you  can get the file by requesting it at the bottom
of the page at http://scannershare.com Anyone with an s400w scanner and
Linux or MacX86_64 is encouraged to test, please.

To be clear this solution runs on Apache2 with PHP or other web server. PHP
handles all the translation to/from eSCL/BastelS400W. It runs fine on
'localhost' and even supports automatic scanner detection
via Bonjour..Avahi. It also simultaneously shares the scanner over your
entire network using eSCL/AirScan . You will need a dedicated WiFi
interface for the scanner, aside from whatever you use to connect to your
normal network/Internet.

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