[sane-devel] Asking for testers

Mark Dm markosjal at gmail.com
Thu Feb 10 22:24:23 GMT 2022

I have developed a solution of sharing a Windows Scanner via the eSCL
protocol. It is called Twain2AirScan. Although it is compatible  with SANE
as a client via the SANE-AirScan back-end (not SANE-eSCL) ,it is not really
"SANE" .

Recently I added duplex ADF where before it  had only simple ADF.
Unfortunately I have no Duplex ADF scanner.

So I thought this group might be a good place to look for anyone with
DUPLEX ADF Scanner that works on on WIndows that can help test this newest
version. You can test with a Linux, Android or macOS client, while using a
Windows Machine as a host. In particular I need to test Duplex ADF
(scanning both sides) so you would need a duplex ADF scanner.

You can find the download at http://scannershare.com its Called


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