[sane-devel] When to disable sane?

steve rinsler stevesr0 at yahoo.com
Fri Feb 25 17:33:12 GMT 2022

I have three computers each running antiX (different versions).  In accord with routine instructions for scanning to my Brother MFC-7345N device connected by Ethernet to my router, I have edited the etc/default/saned and /etc init.d/saned files NOT to launch at boot (RUN=no).
However on only one of the three computers does service saned status report saned is disabled.
Scanning works fine both on that computer and on one of the other computers on which saned is reported as running.  On the third computer, saned is running, but (so far) scanning isn’t working.
While my main goal is to fix the scanning on the one computer, I am puzzled about what the correct status of saned should be.  It seems that it isn’t necessary for scanning across the network to my Brother device.
If so, how do I BLOCK saned from launching when I boot, since my editing of /etc/default/saned and /etc/init.d/saned doesn’t work on two of my computers.
(I have spent many hours so far trying to figure out why the third computer isn’t working.  I may give up and just try reinstalling the Brother software and the sane utilities, but I would prefer to understand what is “broken” in this third computer.  It is running the latest Sid sane software (sane, libsane and libsane1, libsane-common, sane-utils, xsane and xsane-common), which is a little different than the other computers.  The Brother scanner driver (backend) is the same version on all three computers.The brscan-sketch utility detects the scanner on all the computers, so it suggests some possible incompatibility with the newer sane software.)
Steve Rinsler

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