[sane-devel] DCP-7030

valentio at free.fr valentio at free.fr
Mon Feb 28 16:42:03 GMT 2022

Hi Mark, thanks for your answer!

> From my experience most of those few year old Brother scanners on the
> MFPs are already WSD, and the newest ones are eSCL too . Did you
> already try the SANE-AirScan back-end? The SANE-AirScan Back-end
> will support WSD and eSCL.

I did not, and I appreciate the pointer, since I didn't knew this existed.

Unfortunately, the DCP-7030 is USB only, and it is not in the list of eSCL compatible devices (then no IPP-over-USB).

As I understand it, this makes SANE-AirScan incompatible with this particular model.

Out of curiosity, would there be a way to show a SANE supported device as a network eSCL device ?



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