[sane-devel] Additional model support for epsonds backend

mailinglisten at posteo.de mailinglisten at posteo.de
Fri Sep 2 22:23:56 BST 2022

Great to meet a real Epson developer here :-)
Thank you for providing us your Linux drivers.
My XP-7100 works like a charm.

But one little thing I find annoying, I know you are surely not
responsible for the Epson web site, but why does Epson hide so well its
Linux drivers?

When going to Epson.com and looking for the specific model and chosing
Linux as OS, you will not get to the correct URL. It simply does not
tell where to find the Linux drivers.

A search leads to download.ebz.epson.net that even does not have TLS
security ?!

Some Linux beginners do desperately search for these drivers. Come on,
Epson can do better on that.

Best regards

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