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Erich Schubert erich at debian.org
Mon Nov 19 16:01:58 UTC 2007

> > You might also want to browse the changes I did to my policy.
> > They're all in SVN at
> > http://svn.debian.org/wsvn/selinux/refpolicy/branches/debian/
> I checked out this branch and am going to look in it.
> > If you want, I can give you write access to that repository.
> > All you need is an alioth account and join the SELinux project there.
> BTW: I'm not DD.

You don't need to. Everybody can get an account on alioth.
In fact, this is a popular way for non-DDs to contribute: they help
preparing the packages in version control on alioth, and some of the
real debian developers then handles the actual upload.
In this case, this repository is just for experimentation, it's not used
for building the policy packages. Manoj has his own repository for that.

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