[DSE-Dev] ANN: 2008 SELinux Developer Summit CFP

James Morris jmorris at namei.org
Fri Apr 4 10:16:06 UTC 2008

2008 SELinux Developer Summit Call For Participation (CFP)

The call for participation for the 2008 SELinux Developer Summit is now
open.  The summit will be held July 22nd in Ottawa.  See the original
announcement[1] for the summit and the summit wiki page[2] for background
about the summit and summaries of prior summits.  Note that all attendees of
the mini-summit must be registered as attendees of the Linux Symposium [3].

The focus of this year's summit will be usability and infrastructure.
Usability topics of interest include (but are not limited to) policy
development, administration, and desktop integration.  Infrastructure topics
of interest include (but are not limited to) embedded systems, label
translation, userspace object managers, network filesystems, and labeled

Other topics relating to SELinux technology, flexible mandatory access
control, and its application to real-world problems are also of interest for
this symposium. Such topics might include:

    * Updates on the various Linux distributions using SELinux
    * Flexible MAC in other operating systems
    * Case studies and application experience with flexible MAC
    * User and customer concerns and needs

Forms of participation include:

    * Technical presentations (20-30 minutes each, papers are optional)
    * Discussions (submitter acts as facilitator)
    * Panels (submitter acts as moderator)
    * Lightning talks (work-in-progress reports)

No marketing pitches will be accepted.

Proposals may be sent to the organizing team at:

    selinux-summit-team AT namei.org

In your proposal, please identify the form of participation, the amount of
time you expect to need, and a title and abstract describing the topic you
wish to cover.

If you wish to attend the summit without presenting, please also send a
notification of your intent to attend to the organizing team at the above

** Whether presenting or just attending, you must register for the Linux
Symposium[3] in order to attend the SELinux Developer Summit. **

This CFP will end on April 18.  Participants will be notified by April 25,
and the schedule will be published on April 02.

[1] SELinux Summit announcement, http://marc.info/?l=selinux&m=120716549912011&w=2
[2] SELinux Summit wiki page, http://selinuxproject.org/page/Developer_Summit_2008
[3] Linux Symposium, http://www.linuxsymposium.org/2008/


James Morris
<jmorris at namei.org>

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