[DSE-Dev] selinux-basics package orphaned / debian selinux lists

Erich Schubert erich at debian.org
Tue Apr 15 00:42:41 UTC 2008

Hello *,
I've just filed an orphan bug for the selinux-basics package. An upload
with the latest SVN version also fixing some lintian warnings will be in
incoming soon.
But I'd suggest to remove this package, and instead have a look at the
'selinux' package in Ubuntu and use this as meta package. (I don't know
if it has something compareable to the check-selinux-installation tool,
but that one could use a lot of love anyway...)

I've also set this mailing list to be unmoderated now. I didn't have to
keep away much spam so far, I figure the spam filters on alioth have
become quite good by now (when I created this list I think there were
Of course I'll be happy to share the list passwords with anybody
interested in 'adopting' the lists.

Manoj: feel free to remove me from any Uploaders: fields on your
packages (I believe I'm on at least for the refpolicy packages).

I currently have no system running SELinux, and I don't have any real
possibility nor time to work on SELinux stuff. So I figure this mostly
concludes my involvement here.

best regards,
Erich Schubert
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