[DSE-Dev] where is current repository of Debian refpolicy package?

Václav Ovsík vaclav.ovsik at i.cz
Wed Aug 13 08:43:34 UTC 2008

On Wed, Aug 13, 2008 at 09:21:50AM +0200, David Härdeman wrote:
> Chris PeBenito seems to have been working on getting patches merged lately
> (your patch was merged yesterday and I've had 30 or so patches from the
> Fedora policy merged over the last couple of weeks) so with or without a
> Debian specific repo to integrate patches into, I think it's a good idea
> to continue to try to get your changes merged directly upstream since it
> will reduce the headache of maintaining Debian patches in the long run and
> you'll get feedback on the changes.

Yes, feedback is my motivation for submitting patches upstream.

> But I agree that a Debian repo would be good to have as a staging
> area...it would also be interesting to look at the patches that Ubuntu has
> applied.


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