[DSE-Dev] Debian refpolicy and core SELinux package update

Manoj Srivastava manoj.srivastava at stdc.com
Thu Mar 20 04:01:40 UTC 2008


        As of this writing, all the core SELinux packages in Debian have
 been updated to the latest release earlier this month; and thus are
 fairly up to date.

        I have also merged SVN HEAD of refpolicy into the Debian
 package, and thus the refpolicy packages uploaded tonight will have the
 latest refpolicy changes.

        I am beginning to come back from a deadline crunch on my day
 job, and start paying attention to my Debian packages again; so
 hopefully the state of SELinux in Debian will improve -- at least, I'll
 try to be more reactive in the future.

        anyway, kick the tyres, look at the Debian diffs with regards to
 the upstream refpolicy.  We should have a dialog about which changes
 need to be purged, and which should be fed upstream.

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