[DSE-Dev] The future of the boot system in Debian

Manoj Srivastava srivasta at debian.org
Sun Sep 6 23:21:33 UTC 2009

On Sun, Sep 06 2009, Pierre Habouzit wrote:

> Isn't it a dupli of #543420
        True, I should have checked.

> where the maintainer claims upstream doesn't want such a patch ?

        Right. I did not copy the upstream. I also think that we have
 invested a lot of effort in Debian in order to make Squeeze SELinux
 compliant, and make it so that turning on SELinux is fairly easy. I
 have asked the release managers to consider making Squeeze have SELinux
 working out of the box a release goal, and so far there has been no
 denial; and I consider the patch consistent with the choices we have
 made as a project in the past.

        I am also saying that I would be willing to maintain the SELinux
 patches  in sysvinit/upstart, if it comes to that, and the "burden" of
 keeping the patch around would be fairly small (it is a small patch,
 and  fairly self contained).

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