[DSE-Dev] refpolicy REMOVED from testing

Mika Pflüger debian at mikapflueger.de
Thu Oct 31 14:27:11 UTC 2013


"Andreas Kuckartz" <a.kuckartz at ping.de> wrote:
> According to a mail sent to debian-release at lists.debian.org a few
> weeks ago the reason for the removal is this issue:
> selinux-policy-default: Permission block_suspend in class capability2
> not defined in policy.
> http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=722700
> Is anyone working on resolving that issue?

The solution to that bug is packaging a new upstream version, in my
opinion. dgrift and bigon have worked on doing that and I have it on my
todo-list to put those bits into a package which can go into
experimental (where it can mature a bit to then get uploaded into
unstable to migrate back to testing). I haven't had time to do that
last week, but I plan to do it this weekend.

If you want to help that effort, you could install one of the
preliminary packages of bigon[1] and report any problems you still
encounter. (We would then try and solve those problems upstream and
package the newer upstream snapshot).





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